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I have been taking yoga classes for more than 5 years and it has become sort of a wonderful addiction. What I meant by addiction is the fact that it is the time when I breathe consciously and connect to my deeper thought processes. As a scientist/writer I am aware of my thoughts and able to synthesize all primary and secondary information/data into an article.

I started to take Jules class two years ago and I enjoy this class because I observe a scientist/yoga teacher in you. Jules explains the body anatomy and exact posture for each step. It has helped me to correct my posture and I realized so many things were wrong in my practice which very few teachers were able to notice. She is a great observer and a exceptionally caring teacher. I am grateful that she makes class a fun and a real learning experience for all of us.

Love your anatomical/posture explanations!!! Please keep sharing it with the class!
— Bina S.

As a devoted Yogi and student of life, I have experienced many yoga teachers. Jules’ dedication and passion for yoga, nutrition and fitness inspires me to a better version of myself. As a yoga teacher, her classes are full of energy and always have a meaningful message. She is incredibly knowledgeable in anatomy and proper bodily alignment. Jules makes an effort to connect with her students and meets them where they are at, both on and off their mat. As a someone who is in training to become a yoga teacher, I consider Jules to be an incredible helpful resource and mentor. Whether I have a question about sequencing a class or nutrition, Jules is easily approachable and extremely helpful. She genuinely wants her students to take what they have cultivated on their mat into their lives and world to live their best life. I am so grateful to have her as my teacher and mentor.
— Katie B.

Taking yoga classes with Jules makes my days better - she is always uplifting, understands anatomy extremely well, and sincerely answers all my random questions after group or private classes!

I also follow her blog for inspiration and recipes for clean eating, I LOVE her “No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Balls” which is a perfect option after any fitness or yoga session. Also her Instagram keeps me motivated to be my best self!
— Keith D.