There are different levels of truth

There are different levels of truth...

What I mean by this is 9 years ago placing my hands shoulder width distance apart in downdog was a truth I learned & strictly adhered to. I accepted this truth with every fiber of my being & (irresponsibly) never took the time to seek out any other information ...meanwhile I continued to add undue pressure to my traps, shoulders, SCM, etc.


As of 5 months ago, that truth evolved into something else. Hey, better late than never 


moral of the story is two fold

1. the truth is fluid 

what is true one day may not be true the next {and that doesn’t mean the first truth was necessarily a lie}

2. not everything you learn in a yoga class or in YTT is true for you (or your students) continuing education is vital **this includes our own exploration of our practice & how things feel when we make little tweaks


And this doesn’t just apply to yoga. I learned different truths in the weight room, on the treadmill, in the ocean, from observing humans in their natural habitat, etc..