Jules Upton: Architect of Possibilities


My name is Jules Upton and I'm a yoga, meditation, fitness and holistic wellness enthusiast based in San Diego, CA.  I've been interested in sports and fitness most of my life. I started lifting weights over 30 years ago. Recently I've been studying and incorporating more functional fitness, body weight + mobility training into my workouts. 

Yoga has been an integral of my life since 2009. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I needed to become more mindful of how I practiced.  As a result of that need, I attended a 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2014 with the goal of learning how to make the poses work in my body (which is not flexible or bendy).  Although, I almost tossed my cookies before my YTT teaching final, I discovered a love for teaching yoga & facilitating connection through the practice. Because the human body and how it moves fascinates me (hashtag nerd), I've focused the majority of my continuing education on anatomy and biomechanics. And I make an effort to infuse my classes with that knowledge.  I sequence and cue my yoga classes in a way that incorporates more strength and stability with less of an emphasis on flexibility.  My teaching style has been described as energetic, playful, compassionate and empowering. I'm a fairly straight shooter and no longer believe that every pose is for every body. There are many poses, I no longer practice and guess what, that's okay. One of the cornerstones of my teaching is to encourage my students to explore each shape (yoga pose) and alternate variations of it and choose the ones that are most intelligent for them. I believe that one should make the pose fit their body vs forcing their body into a pose. The poses don’t need to be perfect and the alignment is more often than not different for everyone. I try my best to teach accessible, safe, sustainable yoga.

I was originally drawn to nutrition as a component of my body building lifestyle. Then the poo hit the fan and my body started to rebel against me. So, I searched for ways to repair my body. This interest & focus on nutrition grew and eventualy evolved into a more holistic plant-centric approach to living.  I don't believe in diets, I believe in creating long term lifestyle choices.

I happen to be one of the millions of people whose lives are affected by asthma, arthritis & chronic pain. The root cause of these can often be attributed to inflammation in the body.  I've spent a considerable amount of energy focused on healing my body and maintaining my wellbeing.  I've found the best way for me (note: it may be different for you...) to do that is with a gluten free, dairy free, mostly whole foods based diet, supplements, daily movement, meditation, sleep, self care, etc.. 

As a result of these efforts, I've been able to maintain a fairly active lifestyle. I'm very excited to share my discoveries with the webiverse.  

I want anyone battling a chronic or any other type of illness to know that whatever your diagnosis may be, you have to honor it, but don't ever let it define you.  If you're looking for an accountability partner, yoga teacher, lifestyle or wellness strategist, you may have found her.  If you can dream it, I can help you turn it into a reality

The poses are just shapes, they mean nothing. What happens while we’re exploring them means everything. That’s the yoga.
— J.Upton